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Does Invisalign Hurt?

Clear dental aligners are popular alternatives to traditional braces because they use clear plastic instead of metal. Invisalign is one such brand of these types of orthodontic devices.

While Invisalign may be more comfortable than metal braces, there’s still a chance that you may experience mild pain or discomfort.

According to Penn Dental Medicine Family Practice, the potential for pain seems to be greatest within the first week of using invisible teeth aligners.

Pain experienced from Invisalign is also dependent on individual pain tolerance. It’s even possible to experience no pain at all.

If you experience pain for longer than a week after first using your aligners, this could indicate a more serious condition you should have your orthodontist check.

Learn more about your own risk of Invisalign pain and all the risk factors you should discuss with your orthodontist before committing to these dental aligners.

Invisalign and pain

Invisalign may cause mild pain at first because the device is designed to help gradually straighten your teeth alignment.

Pain in the first week

Any pain or discomfort you feel from Invisalign tends to be temporary, with the greatest risk being within the first week of using your new aligners.

In fact, one small 2005 study found that 83 per cent of invisible aligner users grew accustomed to the dental aligners within a week.

Amount of pain

In terms of pain, such experiences are reportedly mild and temporary overall. The same study above reported that 54 per cent of invisible aligner wearers experienced mild pain, while 35 per cent didn’t experience pain.

One of the biggest complaints of Invisalign wearers was discomfort during chewing. Additionally, the study above reported that 44 per cent of users reported this symptom.

Overall, such statistics suggest that Invisalign causes mild and temporary pain overall, and not every user will have pain. However, you may be more likely to experience pain from dental aligners if you have:

  • a lower tolerance to pain overall
  • sensitive teeth
  • sensitive gums and gingivitis

Pain in one tooth

It’s also possible to experience temporary pain in just one tooth. This is usually an indication that your aligners are doing their job by gradually adjusting your teeth.

You may not feel pain in the same tooth with each aligner tray change, and any discomfort should go away within a few days.

How long does it last?

According to Penn Dental Medicine Family Practice, users reporting pain from Invisalign said that the symptoms lasted 2 to 3 days following the new aligner installation.

Since Invisalign requires new trays every 2 weeks, it’s possible to experience mild pain and discomfort within the first few days of each cycle.

However, as you grow accustomed to wearing your aligners, these symptoms can become less pronounced.

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James Wong is a wonderful Dentist. The communication and patience through the procedure was first class.

James B


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